Our goals are to give your child the confidence and skills they need to get ready for school and just day to day living. Our overall goal is to provide a well rounded environment of both the physical and emotional needs of your child. We want to be a positive part of not only your child's young experience but also yours as a parent. We have an Open Door Policy. You may stop by at anytime to observe your child's class. We have monitored rooms so that this may be done without disturbing your child's day and your peace of mind.

Infant Room

Our infant room focuses on the development of the basic skills. We try to use a lot of stimulation visually, verbally, and physically. These teachers use a lot of language and touch, along with meeting all schedules and needs of your child. The children leave this room when beginning to walk and starting on table food.

Toddler Room

This fast paced room is geared with toddlers in mind. We meet their basic needs while giving them plenty of time to explore and discover. We have lots of floor and table time with the teachers for verbal, visual, and physical learning. We introduce the basic skills with flaash cards, art, and play. Learning to share and express ourselves is a big priority in this room.

Two Year Room

This is a very challenging age for parents and childcare. We start potty training in this room if the child is ready. We are learning to follow more of a schedule in this room along with more activities and skills, as much as our little attention span will allow. This is done through different centers, group time, free play, and teacher time. We work in here on sharing, how to treat others, and following rules. This room appears from the outside to just be managed chaos, but there is a lot of learning going on in here.

Three Year Room

We are ready to sit down and learn more, after all, we know it all at three. We become very independent at this age and are ready for more responsibility. Our schedule consists of centers, carpet times, free play, teacher time, and more specified activities and tasks. We hit the basics hard in this room to begin to master our shapes, colors, numbers, letters, and rules of behavior that we started in the twos. Potty training is really concentrated on in this room if they were not ready in the twos.

Four Year/Pre-K

We are getting ready for school in this room. We also offer the certified Edmond Pre-K program. We still have a free play, carpet time, teacher time, and centers. We do a lot more activities and learning situations in this room. We work on our social skills and communication all day. We build on things introduced in the threes such as classifications, sequencing, phonics, and numbers. We really stress a schedule and following the rules in this room.


We give these kids more challenges and build on what they learned in the fours. We do a lot more independent choice and play in this room getting ready for school. We also strengthen their social skills at this age.

School Age

These kids are in school all day. We want to provide a learning experience by offering different things but they are ready to have some fun and free time now. We will assist with homework and build on what they are doing in school. This is their time to socialize while still having boundaries.